Ups and downs preparing for our concert

The orchestra had it’s ups and downs this term. Due to covid and holidays we didn’t seem to have one rehearsal with everyone present.

Gerry on viola has been sadly missed as he had an operation, happily we look forward to his return next term. Earlier we were delighted to have two cellos join us but they could not make a Sunday concert. On the up side we have been fortunate to gain George on flute and trumpet players Alan and Jenny. I hope you will both continue to enjoy playing with us.

Disaster struck when three rehearsals before our concert our conductor Emily caught covid. Very luckily Jeannette Owen was available and offered to stand in. She was an excellent guest conductor and we hope will return in the future – she did say she had enjoyed the experience! Thank you Jeannette. Happily Emily made a quick recovery and returned to us the following week.

Last but not least our last rehearsal was due on the hottest day of the heatwave, 34 degrees was forecast. The Exmoor Room was available on the Thursday but would our players be available? They were and seventeen of us enjoyed a fairly cool evening’s play, thanks to Toni Bloomfield for switching our booking so quickly.

After all these hurdles I hope our concert is a success and is enjoyed by all.


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  1. I’m sure it will go well, barring thunderstorms. I’ll be listening from a nearby bench if it’s fine. All the best Liz


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